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Jiangsu Jufeng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a powerful enterprise specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical, biochemical, beer, wine, distillation, fruit juice, beverage, dairy and food machinery and equipment, as well as TCM intelligent equipment control systems. Over 21 years of professional course, we have a professional before-sales service team, who recommend and select the most suitable and economical equipment for customers after full communication with them.


During long-term production practice, Jufeng has gathered and fostered a well-trained engineer team. Our engineers have advanced design concepts, strict design ideas, solid technical foundations and rich design and manufacturing experience. We have successfully provided reasonable solutions for many large and medium-sized enterprises such as Huiyuan Group, Mulunhe Group, Madieer Group, Shaanxi Bikang Pharmaceutical Group, Xinyi Bikang Group, Sinopharm Group, Wuhan Jianmin Group, Gansu Alkali Factory, Hunan Jiuzhitang, Shandong Lunan Group, receiving good comment from customers.


Every engineer of Jufeng has his own specialty and work area. Some are very experienced in pharmaceutical and biochemical equipment, some have very unique perspectives of beer, wine and distillation, some are skilled in system process design, and some know much about instruments and electrical appliances. Our design team strictly follows the design process of our company, and through cooperation within the team, satisfactory results are provided to our users。


“Talents are the foundation for long-term development of our company.” Jufeng pays much attention to the cultivation of talents. On the one hand, we employ a variety of high caliber talents from colleges and universities to supply new forces to our technical team. On the other hand, we cultivate front-line workers who are capable, love to learn and dare to fight from the grassroots level. Through continuous training and self-cultivation, a good learning atmosphere and a strong momentum of development have been formed. By adhering to innovative management and scientific development and centering on the strategy of fineness, diversification and internationalization, we are building a modern enterprise with international competitiveness.


By taking “independent innovation and leading the market” as our own responsibility, Jufeng has always been devoted to product research, development and application. We have successively developed many products with internationally advanced level and have been granted many patents for invention and utility model. The products have been successfully applied to production and highly recognized by users. Meanwhile, through developing close cooperation with colleges, universities and research institutes from various industries, we have continuously developed new products of high technology, and pushed forward the renovation and development of the pharmaceutical, biochemical, beer, wine, distillation, fruit juice, beverage, dairy and food equipment manufacturing industry.

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