"Making endless breakthroughs, transcending ourselves". We hold the location of enterprise in market stand high and see far. In the road of enterprise developing, "The boat sailing against the current must forge ahead or it will be driven back",so only" Making endless breakthroughs, transcending ourselves"can be never self-satisfaction, striving continuously and stand in the market forever. In the course of pushing this idea and spirit, we will work harder to make it fuse to every part, every ring and every molecule of enterprise from outer to inner, from upper to olwer, implement ultimately to make sure it to be the sense of enterprise. And embodiment to the behavior to exterior from inner of enterprise......

Board Chairman:

Faced with opportunities given by the times and challenges in the market competition, we will continue to follow the steps of advancing with the times, meet the trend of market economy, give play to the overall advantages of the enterprise, give prominence to main businesses, vigorously implement the development strategy of specialization, internationalization, industrialization and informatization, strive to promote operation and management capacity, risk prevention capacity and building of enterprise culture, continuously realize business innovation, organization innovation, system innovation, technological innovation and strive to participate in international competition and cooperation in wider fields and at richer levels. By holding the concept of cooperation, friendship, win-win and development, we will continue to provide high quality and efficient services for customers at home and abroad with our good faith and sincerity, make progress and seek cooperation and development together with people of all circles and make our contributions to economic prosperity and social progress.

General Manager:

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