Scientific research and development

While people are bringing forward higher requirements for health and environmental protection, our research and development personnel are also stressing higher requirements on themselves. By adopting computer-aided design for industrial project and technology analog system, not only are we capable of optimizing the effect of the whole production process to make you clear about the whole project, but we have achieved great success as a leader in the industry in the aspects of beautiful appearance, energy saving, environmental protection, sanitation, safety, automatic control and etc.

Core talent team

Our company regards senior and intermediate management talents and professional technical talents as the key forces, adopts the combined way of inside training and outside recruitment to identify, recommend and select the excellent talents needed by our company, and builds a team of excellent talents who are young, passionate and vigorous with rich practical experience and keep enterprising, pioneering and innovating.

Personnel growth

By holding the principle of human oriented, our company promotes harmonious development of people and enterprise, focuses on the growth needs of talents, practices the two-track system career development road, improves assessment system oriented by achievements, establishes the competitive salary and welfare system, provides targeted career training, perfects the competitive and vigorous selection and employment system, strives to select and use the right persons and makes sure to give full play to people's talents.